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SUNFLOWER FARM is a rural haven located in South Longmont. This working farm (and our home) is open to the public. We invite you to come laugh, explore, dream, and play as you and your family enjoy the combination of nature, animals and farm life. A day at Sunflower Farm gives your children the chance to move and explore in ways they don’t very often in our modern, urbanized life. We have sandboxes inside silos, a corn house that kids can play in, tree forts and bridges and animals everywhere. Be creative: play hide and seek in the hay bales, have a tea party in the tepee or feed the baby goats. You might even settle into a hammock and enjoy watching your kids’ confidence and imagination soar as they tackle the biplane or discover their love for “driving” a tractor. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to meet Oblio the pig or have an adventure in the playhouse or the airplane. Be sure to find your way to a Sky Chair and discover your own piece of relaxation and reconnection to nature as you watch a peacock spreading its feathers. Possibilities are endless. Your heart will stir with the unexpected.



      Last year was the beginning of a major reorganization at Sunflower Farm as we partnered with Boulder County in an effort to better serve the community. After twelve successful years of business, Sunflower was suddenly faced with incredible challenges. Currently, our public hours are being mandated. Other changes include commercial permitting on several of the agricultural structures as well as the engineering of new restrooms, handicap walkways and building renovations. While theses changes at times feel overwhelming, we are committed to creating a space that will be available to kids and families for generations to come. We are working closely with Boulder County and strive to be able to come together with your family’s best interest, safety wellness, learning and joy at heart.
       Needless to say, the financial impact has been significant. Children’s programs including the Summer Camps and SproutHouse have been temporarily suspended. Staff has been totally cut to one part-time person. The funding improvements are budgeted for $380,000. We would love your help and collaboration. In lieu of fundraising, we are offering a punchcard system for those of you who frequent the farm often. We will also be starting a volunteer program to help with farm maintenance, chores and to upkeep the grounds during this time of reorganization. Your support is vital.
       We love what we do. It is our intention to move through these changes with as little impact to the farm as possible. This means continuing to have Tom the turkey greet you——face to face. It means sending your kiddo home with corn in their shoes and dirt on their face. Or jumping from haybale to haybale instead of a fabricated neon inflated tent. With respect to the sky above and the dirt below, we hope to maintain the integrity and grace of the Sunflower that we have all come to love.
        Thank you for your patience during this time of change.