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SUNFLOWER FARM is a rural haven located in South Longmont. For limited hours, this working farm (and home) is open to the public. Through nature, animals, and creative use of materials and space, parents and children alike are invited to come together to laugh, explore, dream and play. Your heart will stir with the unexpected.



2015 was the beginning of a major reorganization as we partnered with Boulder County in effort to better serve the community. After twelve successful years of business, Sunflower was suddenly faced with incredible County demands, conditions, and deadlines. Indirectly, and as a result, kids programming, such as Camps and SproutHouse, were immediately cancelled. Quickly, all staff scrambled to find other meaningful work. Hundreds of families struggled to make alternative summer plans as refunds were dispersed. For five months, as Sunflower’s future set on the desk of lawyers, the farm was incredibly still. Towards the end of October, 2015, an agreement was finally reached, granting Sunflower the right to stay open to the public. Commercial permitting and the engineering of new restrooms, handicap walkways, and building renovations are currently underway in our effort to rebuild our kids’ programming and serve the community. The good news? In recognizing Sunflower’s community significance, both parties were able to come together with your family’s interest, safety, wellness, education and joy at heart. In addition, we sigh with relief, knowing Sunflower has left a mark and is officially here to stay, long after Farmer John and I complete our term as caretakers of the land. 
The financial loss, however, during 2015 was huge. This upcoming year is even more demanding as funding for the improvements is budgeted at $380,000. In lieu of fundraising, we are offering a punchcard system for those of you who frequent the farm often.


We love what we do. It is our intention to move through these changes with as little impact to the farm as possible. For Farmer John and I, that means continuing to have Tom the turkey greet you–face to face. It means sending your kiddo home with corn in their shoes and dirt on their face. Or jumping from haybale to haybale instead of a fabricated neon inflated tent. With respect to the sky above and the dirt below, we hope to maintain the integrity and grace of the Sunflower that we have all come to love.


Please visit our website on March 1, 2016 for updated information on our 2016 Kid’s programming.

Thank you for your patience during this time of change. 

Gratitude overflows,
Farmer Bren