Sunflower Farm

SUNFLOWER FARM SUNFLOWER FARM is now on its eleventh year open to the public. What started out as an experiment—customizing a working farm around the interests of children and families has settled into a place to explore, dream, grow, learn, and connect with others. In serving the community the past decade we have confirmed: nature, animals, imaginative play, and wonder play a huge role in nurturing our souls; not just our children’s, but adults as well. Wooo hoo! As caretakers of this dirt, we are honored to witness these magical moments that you and your family will cherish forever.

And if you are new to Sunflower Farm, you have yet to see it is actually a gem in the rough. Not polished and perfect; but real and organic. Here, nothing is commercial or staged—towels blow on the clothesline—warm from the sun. Chickens run loose—burrowing in the cozy dirt. Perhaps a baby bird has fallen from the nest and is waiting to be rescued. An orphaned lamb nurses from a bottle. These vast Sunflower skies, century old trees and green fields of alfalfa welcome you! You are home.

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