There is no better place to have a Birthday Party than at Sunflower Farm! Parties can be planned during any of our Public FARMFEST Hours. Simply purchase the number of tickets needed for your guests. Estimation is fine, do not worry about getting it exact. We will not turn away your guests if you slightly underestimate or if we are sold out. A maximum of five unused tickets can be redeemed at the end of your event for free admission passes to be used at a later date. Parents, children, siblings or any other guests who attend the party will need a ticket (under 12 months free).

Please check in with admissions attendant at the beginning of your event for any other specific information you may want to share. Then, check in with attendant again at the end of your party to square up on numbers/payment. Please note: Due to strictly enforced capacity issues, there is a five-minute pick up/drop off holding parking area for parents who drop off a child and choose not to stay during for the party.

Don’t forget to bring the tablecloths, balloons, cake, ice cream, pizza or anything else you choose in making your party a success.

—No confetti please. Refrigeration available