Sunday, September 22th from 9-1pm Farmfest

Sunday, September 22th from 9-1pm Farmfest



During FARMFEST public hours, you will be able to have direct contact with your favorite farm animals. Feed the goats, sheep, lama. Free roaming chickens, peacocks, turkeys and guineas dance among visitors. Enjoy the huge shade trees with incredible tire swings or sit on a John Deere tractor. Families are encouraged to participate in farm operations or the work task of the day. 
You will discover an old airplane, sandboxes, bicycles, hammocks, giant tree houses, and a zipline, among many other adventures. In the winter, toast marshmallows over the bonfire or grab a sled and explore sled hill. No additional fees apply after admission. Please be aware: we do not serve food, please pack a picnic/beverages.

EVERYONE needs to purchase a ticket; under 12 months free.

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