Sunflower Farm offers a self directed learning experience for registered home schooled children. Children pursue interests in their own way, and at their own pace, and are free to explore the farm in a way that they find meaningful. We have no formal curriculum or guidelines for achievement. Instead, we trust that children will thrive and learn when given time and freedom to explore within a community of others with support from knowledgeable, helpful adults.

This program currently is running Mondays and Tuesdays (choose one day or both) with the intention that in Fall of 2019 we will be running 5 days per week.


  • SPRING: Feb. 6 – May 24 (one week off for Spring Break);
    9-3pm. Currently this program is full .

  • FALL-WINTER-SPRING Aug. 15, 2019 – May 23, 2020
    9-3pm M-Friday (St. Vrain School Calendar)
    Registration begins Jan. 1, 2019


1 day week Fee Schedule to come
2 days/week Fee Schedule to come
3 days/week Fee Schedule to come
4 days/week Fee Schedule to come
5 days/week Fee Schedule to come

Open house schedule

Beginning February 1, 2019, the first and third Tuesday of every month 3:30 to 4:30. Please send Emilie an email to RSVP.


  Emilie HIlgers,  former SproutHouse Director

Emilie HIlgers,
former SproutHouse Director

I have always loved lambs. I had one when I was little on my rural hobby farm in Minnesota.  They intrigue me with their absolute joy of being alive.  I want to do that.  

I started out that way, but traditional education did a number on me but I didn't know (or my parents didn't) there was any other way. Perhaps a softer, more organic way of learning?  

And I loved littles, of all kind both animal and human.  After high school I started my college career in Education.  After 20+ years of teaching and directing in various preschool programs, and kind of becoming disenfranchised, I landed at Sunflower Farm.

It called me to a place with kids that I had never explored. I knew I was home.  I knew there was more, just like that little girl knew way back when.

And I am so happy to offer this to not so little people again, so we can grow together in a very natural, organic way.

I love my 17 year old son, my cat Maybelle, my family, natural health remedies, lambs, outdoors, watching and learning about human behavior, cooking, and biking.