For over thirteen years, Sunflower Farm has provided a quality early-childhood, farm-based education. Our curriculum is inspired by Richard Louv's ongoing research and his book "Last Child in the Woods.” Your child’s first solo venture into the world could not be more ideal than this. This 55-acre working farm has everything to foster deep learning as well as inspire and captivate the souls of children. From the sky above to the dirt between their toes, to the baby lamb that studies their step or a peacock’s bellow that startles their heart, all curiosity, wonder and learning innately arise. We not only learn about animals and nature, but the profound necessity and connectedness in how it relates to their everyday expanding world. We will study worms wiggling in puddles after the rainfall. We'll count baby chicks, plant carrots, and learn about compost. We harvest sunflowers from the field and sing aloud in the wind. As we watch baby lambs nurse, it triggers endless stories about their own mamas. Adventures are endless.

We realize that families want and need choices on how many days they will attend. Since it is our experience that children do best attending two days weekly, we will encourage you to consider this option. However, whether you choose single days weekly or several, we are confident this farm environment will foster a joy in learning and create a solid foundation for the years to come.

Open House: Please RSVP: sunflowerfarmmail@gmail.com
Friday October 11 & 18, 11-12


Sunflower Farm Preschool is a licensed preschool program that follows the natural rhythms of the individual child within a small group setting.  A formal curriculum is not necessary when daily life is this rich and abundant. We use the term emergent curriculum because that ensures your child's learning is being guided at the pace that is right for them along with nurturing teachers who foster growth and development.

We not only learn about the seasons, but we live them on the daily basis.  Life experiences become part of our every day learning opportunities and foster a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.  Your child will begin to call the farm their home and feel a sense of purpose and joy as they build relationships with friends, animals, and the world around us.


Children begin their day at either 9am or 1:30pm where they meet at either the Sprout House or the Livery where a project will await them as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of all of their friends.  This project could be either inside or outside as all of our classrooms have attached playgrounds.

Once the class has arrived, the teacher will hold a short circle and sharing time, followed by a snack before heading out onto the farm for favorite farm activities.

Some of these activities include feeding the goats, riding the zip-line, playing in the corn barn, feeding the sheep, finding toads, walking to the magical forest, harvesting apples or plums or spinach, playing in the airplane and so on.  The possibilities are endless.

When children are winding down on the farm they return back to the classroom for either lunch (morning class) or parent arrival.

  • FALL–WINTER–SPRING Aug. 12, 2019 – May 22, 2020; (37 weeks) Age 3-5
    10 monthly payments due 1st of each month, beginning July 1, 2019 thru April 1, 2020
    Non-refundable registration fee paid by check (guarantees your spot) $125


    This program has two options: M/W or T/Th. Pricing is based on 37 weeks, late enrollment will be prorated.

    Mornings: 9-1pm $4662 per year
    Choose Monday and Wednesday Program ($459.00 monthly)
    Choose Tuesday and Thursday Program ($459.00 monthly)

    Afternoons: 1:30-4pm $2500 per year

    Choose Monday and Wednesday Afternoon Program ($246.00 monthly)
    Choose Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons Program ($246.00 monthly)


    This program allows parents to choose one day of the week or several. Sorry, no makeup days are available; however, a parent directory is available as a resource for parents to network amongst themselves. Parents are encouraged to work together to exchange days with other families based on schedules, vacations, or sick days.

    Mornings: 9-1pm
    1 morning (M-F) per week: $2516 per year ($252 monthly)
    Please contact us if you choose multiple days with this option, a promotional code will be provided based on the number of days specified.

    Afternoons: 1:30-4pm  

    1 afternoon per week $1295 per year ($139.00 monthly)
    2 afternoons per week $2500 per year ($246.00 monthly)
    3 afternoons per week $3552 per year
    4 afternoons per week $4440 per year
    5 afternoons per week $5180 per year

    Class IS held on Labor Day, President’s Day and MLK Day> we do not observe in service days or late start Wednesdays.
    ST VRAIN HOLIDAYS (no class): Thanksgiving: Nov. 25-29, 2019, Christmas: Dec. 23, 2019- Jan.3, 2020, Spring Break: March 23-27, 2020

Both of my kids had the opportunity to attend SproutHouse before we moved. There is no place on Earth that compares to Sunflower Farm’s rich educational environment.
— Lisa Vaught (Sprout parent)